About us

The International Budapest Bridge Festival (IBBF) has a long history. At its best, at the end of the age of “Iron curtain”, hundreds of Hungarian and foreigner pairs competed for exclusive prices (such as financing the participation in a tournament in Paris). While probably we will never reach the size of the competitions of those good old times, due to the growing number of participants from abroad and Hungary as well, the IBBF 2021 was the biggest bridge festival in Hungary in the past decades. The IBBF makes happy many players every year with special prizes.

The Visoft Kft, as a long term supporter of the Hungarian bridge activities, has sponsored and organized the IBBF. Visoft has its own development, the LoveBridge system, which enables the players to play on tablets instead of cards. Besides the many advantages it has, the most important is that every bid and every card can be broadcasted and archived via the vugraph of LoveBridge.
The 45th IBBF is organized fully with tablets.

The 45th IBBF is sponsored by the Government of Hungary