Useful information

for players coming from abroad


Free parking is possible around the venue.


Event site accessibility

From the airport by taxi

At the airport take/call an official taxi cab. +36 1 222 2222 or + 36 1 777 7777 or +36 1 444 4444.

By car

If you tavel by car you will probably access Budapest on motorway and you will need to buy a motorway ticket. 10-day ticket can be purchased at gas stations at 3500 HUF price.
Parking: Hotel parking is officially dedicated to guests, but the parking lot is freely accessible. In this disctrict you have to pay for parking on the street from Monday to Friday.

Exchange rate

1 EUR = approx. 375 HUF

Popular thermal baths

Rudas / Gellért / Széchenyi.
Night bathe in Rudas every Friday and Saturday 10:00PM to 04:00 AM!
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